Senior Moving Experts offer many a la cart services from which you can choose.

Move Easy With Our À La Carte Services

À La Carte Moving Services

À la carte moving services provide customers with many moving options to choose from to customize their moving experience. Each client and every move is unique and has many different elements that need to be planned and executed with care; therefore, Senior Moving Experts is proud to offer this revolutionary concept. We can do as much, or as little, as you desire.

Move Without Any Effort

Our à la carte services start with a free first call.

Our à la carte services start with a free first call. During this crucial step, we come to your home and spend time figuring out exactly what you need help with most to complete your move smoothly. Other services we offer:

  • Space planning to make sure your selected items will fit in your new home
  • Sorting and downsizing assistance with your items
  • Packing from trained packers, who bring all supplies necessary to pack correctly and safely
  • Unpacking and assistance with settling into your new home
  • Organize a cleanout of the house from which our client is moving. It only takes Senior Moving Experts one day to accomplish this. It does not matter if it is only a couple or a lifetime of items.

Traditional Moving Versus Senior Moving Experts À La Carte Process

Traditional moving has been around for decades, and most moving companies are still doing business as usual. They bid jobs over the phone, and once they show up, they try to figure it out as they go in an attempt to complete the move. They send out loaders and drivers, and they do their best to pack whatever items need packing, or they might send non-trained packers the day before the move. 

As our world continues to evolve, so should moving services. Senior Moving Experts is part of that evolution. We spend the time necessary to develop a complete plan, start-to-finish, to meet the needs of the client. Senior Moving Experts only utilizes specially trained employees for each service. We have heard time and time again from our clients, that the anxiety and overwhelming feeling they had was alleviated once they met with our experts.

Some of our clients wish to be very involved in their move and do some of the services themselves. Others elect to have Senior Moving Experts come in and take care of absolutely everything.

For those clients we offer our White-Glove Moving Service. With this VIP option, we handle every aspect of the move taking all of the responsibilities are worry from our client, leaving nothing about for them to worry. 

Your items will be professionally packed one day and you will be enjoying a correctly set-up a new home the next. Senior Moving Experts has decades of experience and can address all of our clients’ concerns. We are in the business of accommodating our client’s needs and requests. We train every person in our organization for the job they do, and no matter which services are selected, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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