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Settling in with senior moving experts
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Settling Into Your New Home

When Senior Moving Experts is responsible for unpacking and settling, our client’s house will feel and look like a home when we leave. All boxes will be unpacked, and things will be placed and arranged around the new home.

All boxes and packing materials will be removed and properly disposed of. This allows for our clients to truly relax and adjust to their new living space, instead of stressing over how to do it themselves. Moving can already be an overwhelming process, but with Senior Moving Experts, it doesn’t have to be!

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Free Estimates
Moving Services

Free Estimates for Moving

Free Estimates and coming up with a relocation game plan are essential when working with seniors. Senior Moving Experts believes that sitting down with our clients in the comfort of their own home is an extremely important first step. We are able to develop a comprehensive relocation game plan free of charge, including a complimentary floor plan of their new home, whether they decide to hire us or not. At the end of our first meeting, we will provide a free estimate.

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White-glove moving services
Moving Services

White-Glove Moving Services

White-Glove Moving Services refers to a move that dramatically exceeds the expectations of what is normally expected from a mover. Concierge moving services refers to having one person who is readily available to take care of all your needs and concerns. Whether our clients choose to select only some of our à la carte services or the entire white-glove experience, they automatically receive our concierge moving services.

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Senior Moving Experts offer many a la cart services from which you can choose.
Moving Services

Move Easy With Our À La Carte Services

À la carte moving services provide customers with many moving options to choose from to customize their moving experience. Each client and every move is unique and has many different elements that need to be planned and executed with care; therefore, Senior Moving Experts is proud to offer this revolutionary concept. We can do as much, or as little, as you desire. Our à la carte services start with a free first call. During this crucial step, we come to your home and spend time figuring out exactly what you need help with most to complete your move smoothly.

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Moving Company
Moving Industry

Moving Industry

The moving industry is a 15-Billion-dollar industry made up of many different kinds of moving companies. It is comprised of two main categories: residential moving and commercial moving: the first moves households and the other moves businesses.

There is a broad range of both quality and services available when it comes to your movers.

The first is the unlicensed and uninsured mover who you will typically find placing ads on various websites such as Craigslist and social media.

The second group consists of higher quality, licensed and insured movers, who are regulated and are legitimate moving companies.

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Downsizing Tips Make Your Move Easier

The thought of downsizing all of your belongings to fit into your new home can be overwhelming. Let us share the three most common problem areas and some tips on how to sort through your belongings. Once the sorting is complete, you have eliminated one of the tasks that may have you overwhelmed.

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