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Senior Moving

At Senior Moving Experts, we understand many seniors are truly seeking a compassionate moving service. Additionally, they are looking for moving services that are thorough and timely.

Our clients want top notch service at an affordable price. We also know that seniors want the peace of mind that that their moving company only hires highly screened moving staff to help with their needs. Senior moving is our passion and expertise! We truly enjoy the relationships we have been so generously afforded.

Moving can be an overwhelming task but when you choose Senior Moving Experts, we remove the overwhelming.

We are the experts when it comes to moving seniors because that’s all we do. Every one of our clients are moving from their family homes to a much smaller retirement home. Consequently, we have extensive knowledge on how to downsize for your move.

The truth is, when you are making such a huge transition, hiring the right moving company that offers white-glove and concierge moving services is essential. 

Unlike prior moves which might have been handled with a much more hands on approach by your family, this particular move may require leaving it to the professionals. 

Senior Moving Experts will come to your home and give you a free estimate and a comprehensive consultation of what plan is needed to meet your expectations.

Compassionate Movers

Being compassionate movers is what sets us apart from every other moving company. Moving seniors in a friendly and dignified manner is exactly what Senior Moving Experts has built its reputation on. 

At our weekly meetings, the first topic discussed is that we are in the business of customer accommodation, first and foremost. 

We only hire people who have the mindset of genuinely working to help people. We find this is equally as important as the skills required to perform actual tasks associated achieving a successful move. 

We discuss topics such as when our clients are talking to us, we should stop whatever it is you are doing and give them your undivided attention. We discuss that while we move people every day, our clients may be moving after being in current home for decades. 

Our clients come first and it’s our job to take the overwhelming out of their move. This starts with giving our clients our full attention with every question or concern they may have.

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