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In most cases the answer is yes. As long as there is nothing breakable or heavy, the items can be left in the drawer

Absolutely. We have people trained to not only disassemble computers but who label all connections for a worry free reassembly at your new home.

We bring wardrobe boxes on the day of your move in which your clothes hang in to help prevent your garments from being wrinkled during transportation.

Yes, typically we do this on moving day when we have the manpower at your home. We always use a minimum of two guys when taking your television off the wall as to prevent damage. We also bring the right tools to take down the wall mount if desired.

Let us take care of that for you. As the movers are loading the last few items onto the truck, we pack all contents from the refrigerator. These will be the last items loaded onto the truck, therefore being the first item off. In most cases, it takes less time out of refrigeration than going to the market.

Yes. This is a common service that we provide. Sometimes it is just a couple of items which can be handled on move day and sometimes it is a truck load of items that we can either do on move day or at a future or desired date that meets your needs.

Yes. We line every box with plastic that has a liquid substance to insure that in the event the liquid spills that the mess will be isolated to just the one box.

Yes. We evaluate what the items are, and we share the various solutions including costs to find out what is right for you.

No problem we will carefully pack transport and unpack for you.

We pack and transport for you.

After items for other family and friends have been reviewed many items can be donated. We generally discourage long term storage. After months or years of storage the cost usually is higher than the value of the items.  If our clients still need, or want, long term storage we will gladly pack, wrap and transport to storage.

Here is a reminder of pack day. Set aside any hygiene items that you might need for the next few days.  Include any medications.  Lay out any clothing for the next three days. Set out a minimal of kitchen items.  All of these measures will allow us to quickly pack your items.  This saves time and money. ALL supplies for packing will be brought by our team. This includes boxes, tape, paper etc. Just a reminder, your bed, television, phones etc. will be available for you and not disconnected or packed until the following day, move day.

Great question.  Please allow them to dry out as that helps the root system.  We will pack and move them.

Absolutely, our strong, trained movers can help with moving furniture on move day.

Yes. Many clients want a break from the chaos of moving. They turn the keys over to us and show up to the new home in the afternoon, rested and happy.

Most find it is helpful to leave all utilities on until new owner is getting ready to move in. This ensures that your watering and alarms continue.  

Yes. We will efficiently, and legally dispose it at a reasonable price.

No problem we can schedule a fair priced trash out for as little or as much as needed.

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