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Senior Moving Experts dominates the moving industry in Southern California.

Coronavirus | COVID-19

Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that you find a senior moving company that will keep your health and safety a top priority. It is well known that people ages 60+ are the most at risk for COVID-19. Seniors who have underlying health conditions are at the greatest risk of developing severe symptoms, including death.
Senior Moving Experts is taking every precaution available to reduce the coronavirus spread and keep our clients safe.
One of our strategies is a “Germ-Free” moving option.

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Top 5 reasons senior move

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Move

Seniors that are considering a move to a retirement community commonly find their reason for moving in one or more of these top 5 reasons seniors move: stairs, too much house, family, health, and social benefits.

These top 5 reasons seniors move are not meant to be the only basis used when deciding whether to move.

Many seniors make up their minds to move for many reasons, but find themselves lost on how to go about such a huge transition.

Senior Moving Experts will ease the burden. Senior Moving Experts is a specialized senior service moving company that offers more services than any other moving company.

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senior move manager

Senior Move Manager

The term “senior move manager” is a relatively new term that is best described as a person whose job is to responsibly help seniors who are transitioning to a new home. This includes both the physical and emotional aspects of their move. A senior move manager must wear many hats because it is their sole purpose to alleviate the stresses associated with moving.

The responsibilities of a senior move manager are to take care of whatever needs that their senior client wishes.

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senior moving compassionate movers

Compassionate Movers

At Senior Moving Experts, we understand many seniors are truly seeking a compassionate moving service. Additionally, they are looking for moving services that are thorough and timely. Our clients want top notch service at an affordable price. We also know that seniors want the peace of mind that that their moving company only hires highly screened moving staff to help with their needs. Senior moving is our passion and expertise! We truly enjoy the relationships we have been so generously afforded.

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Moving Company

Moving Industry

The moving industry is a 15-Billion-dollar industry made up of many different kinds of moving companies. It is comprised of two main categories: residential moving and commercial moving: the first moves households and the other moves businesses.

There is a broad range of both quality and services available when it comes to your movers.

The first is the unlicensed and uninsured mover who you will typically find placing ads on various websites such as Craigslist and social media.

The second group consists of higher quality, licensed and insured movers, who are regulated and are legitimate moving companies.

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