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Portland, Oregon Our Second Location

Senior Moving Experts is excited to announce that we are in the process of opening our second location in Portland, Oregon. We have been servicing San Diego and Orange Counties for nearly two decades.

Senior Moving Experts offers Portland, OR, a specialized senior moving company with decades of experience.

Our typical clients are senior citizens who have been living in their homes for decades and are making the transition into a new and exciting retirement community.

Senior Moving Experts will spend the time needed to figure out exactly how to serve our clients best. We give free estimates but offer much more on the free visit to your home.

We listen to the client’s wants and needs during this visit and develop a moving plan tailored to their particular situation.

Need A Senior Moving Company In Portand, Oregon?

Call us today to set up your free consultation with one of our Senior Moving Experts.

1 (888) 400-5755

We Take The Overwhelming Out Of Your Move!

Senior Moving Experts looks forward to continuing to help serve the needs of senior clients by providing more services than any other moving company at an affordable price.

We offer a free consultation to determine the needs of each client.

We then develop a plan to ensure that We Take the Overwhelming Out Of Your Move. Clients have told us repeatedly that after meeting with us, the anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed disappeared.

More About The Owners of Senior Moving Experts

The owners and founders, Tom and Kristie, of Senior Moving Experts are relocating to Portland, Oregon and leaving sunny California. 

We are super excited to start our next chapter in which we will be living on the Columbia River on our new floating home.

Lastly, we look forward to making a difference and helping seniors and their family members in all their moving needs. We take the overwhelming out of your move.

Senior Moving Experts
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