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Client Testimonials

Ever so many thanks for all your kind help and guidance during or difficult time. We could not have done it without you! You’re so calm, understanding, and knowledgeable.
Mr and Mrs S from Carlsbad
I was downsizing and moving after 40 years in the same house. Tom and his crew came in and not only packed what I was taking with me but also what I was giving to my daughter. Tom made sure everything was labeled and went to the proper location. I could not believe how smooth everything went. I honestly could not have done it without to and his company. Thank you again.
Ms P from Orange County

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We provide clients with efficient downsizing which includes proper disposal of items that are no longer needed.

It was unbelievable what your crew accomplished in just two days. We are thankful that you were referred to us as not only did you accomplish so much but your staff was always calm and assuring which is what I needed most. Thank you for what you guys do.
Mrs G from Orange County
Thank you for all you did for us. From the first four-hour visit, we felt in our hearts you were the right guys for the job. Even made our bed the day of the move. You guys were great. Please tell Teresa we appreciated all her hard work.
Mr and Mrs T from San Diego
Tom, I enjoyed all of our conversations over the two days you worked for me. You did an outstanding job. Please send my gratitude to Kortney and Teresa. They were hard workers and a pleasure to be around.
Mr R from Orange County
Senior Moving Experts was a god sent during my move from my family home to my new home and community. I felt completely overwhelmed with the idea of having to decide what to take and what I would need to leave behind. Tom came in and took away the unknown by drawing up a floor-plan and showing me exactly how my new home would look. Tom measured everything so he could show me exactly how it all would fit. When the move was over and Tom walked me room by room it exceeded my expectations and my new place felt like home. Thank you, Tom, and everyone at Senior Moving Experts.
Mrs D from Carlsbad
My move was Fantastic! You exceed what you promised, and the house looks wonderful.
Mrs O from San Diego
I loved having a floor plan months before my actual move. It took away so much anxiety being able to see exactly how my new home would flow. In the end, it greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the entire staff at Senior Moving Experts.
Mrs B from Los Angeles
After my father passed, Tom and his crew came in and packed up everything. With the help from everyone I was able to keep what was sentimental and they helped dispose of everything else. They were all kind and professional at every turn. Thank you for everything.
Mrs W from San Diego

I knew I wanted to move, but the thought of gathering up all my belongings that I had acquired over the last 30 years left me petrified.

Thankfully, I found Senior Moving Experts, and they came out and helped me downsize. Once that was done, I did not lift a finger, and two days later, my new place was set up perfectly. Thank you so much!

Mr K from Costa Mesa
Senior Moving Experts exceeded my expectations. They even put together some new furniture for me.
Mrs F from Carlsbad
Senior Moving Experts brought the most amazing woman to help my wife sort through her belongings.
Mr W from Carlsbad
Client Testimonials
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