Top 5 reasons senior move

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Move

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Move

Seniors that are considering a move to a retirement community commonly find their reason for moving in one or more of these top 5 reasons seniors move.

1. Stairs

Seniors living in two-story homes want to eliminate the stairs and are looking to move into single-story homes. The risk of falling increases as you get older. Over 100,000 senior citizens sustain injuries due to stair accidents. For many seniors, it becomes physically challenging to navigate stairs.

stairs is number 1 on the top 5 reasons seniors move list

2. Too Much House

Living in a large home comes with many responsibilities. Significant unexpected repairs are not only an inconvenience but could also be very costly. The effort needed to clean their larger house may become too much to handle.

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3. Family

Many seniors move because they want to be closer to family. As their kids became adults, many seniors move to other areas for different reasons, and some want to move closer to enjoy more family gatherings. Being retired gives one much more flexibility in where they can live.
Family is one of the top 5 reasons seniors move

4. Health

Health issues, either current or in the future, is another reason why senior citizens move. When this is the main reason, most seniors are moving to communities that offer independent living as well as skilled nursing facilities. Senior citizens that think ahead are responsible and prepared, so they do not need to rely too heavily on loved ones.

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5. Social Benefits

Seniors citizens today are more active and want more out of retirement than ever before. Most seniors that have lived in the family home for decades find that their neighborhood has changed. They feel disconnected and isolated. Moving to a senior community is exactly where they want to be. It’s time to make new friends and enjoy activities with people who share their interests.

The need to socialize is one of the top 5 reasons seniors move

Many Challenges for Seniors Moving

These top 5 reasons seniors move are not meant to be the only criteria used when deciding whether to move.

Many seniors make up their minds to move for many reasons, but find themselves lost on how to go about such a huge transition.

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