White-glove moving services

White-Glove Moving Services

White-Glove Moving Services | Concierge Moving Services

White-Glove Moving Services refers to a move that dramatically exceeds the expectations of what is normally expected from a mover. Concierge moving services refers to having one person who is readily available to take care of all your needs and concerns. Whether our clients choose to select only some of our à la carte services or the entire white-glove experience, they automatically receive our concierge moving services.

One specific person will take care of all of your needs and concerns throughout the whole move. This person becomes your main point of contact, and they are the expert in your move. An expert in your move is helpful in keeping track of everything, and you can rest assured knowing nothing will be overlooked, forgotten, or mis-communicated.

We welcome your involvement during the entire moving process and are here to serve you. We want to leave your new home exactly how you envisioned it. Although this should be standard, the majority of moving companies are still behind on the times, which explains why Senior Moving Experts has such an excellent reputation.

about the white-glove moving services and senior moving crew

Exceeding Expectations

Our white-glove moving services refer to our complete plans that exceed the expectations of what usually is to be expected from a mover.

When you want a more luxurious move, we suggest our white-glove moving services. We provide the most comprehensive white glove services in the industry by going above and beyond, exceeding the expectations of all of our clients.

We begin this process with a free estimate where they meet their concierge, who will be with them through the entire move. We then collectively structure a plan to meet all of our clients’ needs and concerns. Senior Moving Experts shares all the different services that we provide, and we listen to what each client needs and wants.

This level of service can accommodate the most essential move to the most complex. The white-glove service includes, but is not limited to, space planning, setting up a timeline for the move, sorting and packing, moving and unpacking, and settling in. We even bring your refrigerator contents and put them in your new refrigerator. We also make your bed, plug in lamps, set up computers and televisions, and hang your wall art.

A plan can be set in place to do many other services as well. We have seen most everything in our thousands of successful moves. We’ve managed paper shredding, properly disposing of hazardous waste, setting up donations, legally transferring guns, etc.

White-glove moving services and concierge moving services go hand-in-hand. Together we make moving stress-free and painless while you get everything you want and need. Clients can be as involved–or hands-off– as they prefer. Senior Moving Experts are very accommodating and ready to schedule your perfect move!

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